The world of personal computers and tech gadgets changes fast. New technologies allow us to do more, do it quicker and do amazing things that weren’t possible just months ago. If we know how to.

LaptopTravel started as a simple guide to point travelers in the right direction when searching for a new laptop to buy. But as you’ll discover, it’s not as simple as picking a single laptop that’s best for backpackers, people on business travel or digital nomads.

There isn’t any particular computer that’s best for one thing or a certain type of user.

It depends on a lot of things — what you need it for, how you use it, how you’ll be carrying it, what other devices you travel with and plenty of other considerations.

And a lot of the rules of the game are frequently changing. What’s true last year may not be relevant now. The limitations when you last bought a laptop may not be an issue anymore. The new USB tech may allow you to do things that weren’t possible before.

Our goal is to keep you up to speed with the most relevant tech tips for travelers. From laptops and mobile devices, to gadgets, peripherals, cables, apps, workflows and more.